Sunday, October 24, 2010

Paella in Spain

There are some people who travel and eat. I mean, serious folk to go out of their way to find THE BEST meal in town. I am more like the person who would sample the local cuisine, if presented with the proper occasion or situation.

Fortunately, in Spain, there will be several of opportune moments to sample the famous Paella. This rice dish, which originated in Valencia, can now be found almost everywhere in Spain (and even the world). And as you may have guessed, there so many versions of paella, varying the dish because of the ingredients ranging from chicken, pork, shellfish, fish, eel, squid, beans, peas, artichokes or peppers. But Saffron is one spice that for me, that gives the paella that special flavor.

When in Spain, try to sample these kinds of paella, the Paella Valenciana (with chicken, sometimes rabbit and snails), the Paella de Marisco (usually a mix of seafood) and the Paella Mixta (a mix of different ingredients).

It is an amazing dish, which is really good. Never leave Spain without trying a bite!

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